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October 23, 2021 2 min read

If you love the idea of a weighted blanket but are a notoriously hot sleeper, you’ve probably been concerned about buying a weighted blanket, worried it would be unbearably hot to sleep under such a thick, heavy cover. It’s a legitimate concern that we’ve heard from many customers new to the weighted blanket owners list. Fortunately, we do actually have a solution for you: COOLMAX.

Mosaic Weighted Blankets COOLMAX Cooling Weighted Blanket

What is COOLMAX?

COOLMAX is a patented fabric specifically designed to wick away and quickly dry moisture from your skin, making it more breathable, which in turn keeps you cooler. Made from a unique blend of polyester fibers, this fabric is popular in many types of exercise clothing. Soft to the touch, comfortable, light-weight, and most importantly cool, COOLMAX is an effective and ideal option for athletes.

And, as it turns out, hot sleepers.

Which is exactly why we jumped on it to create a new kind of weighted blanket to add to our custom designed products at Mosaic Weighted Blankets.

How the cooling weighted blanket was made

In 2018, when we first learned about this fantastic fabric at a biometric fabrics conference, it sounded like the perfect solution to one of the most common frustrations people have when trying to get that good night’s sleep: they get too hot. In fact 1 in 5 of customers who call us about finding the right weighted blanket mention being hot sleepers.

We started carrying COOLMAX weighted blankets specifically to address this common sleeping hindrance. You’ve likely heard about the benefits of weighted blankets ranging from helping you sleep, soothing anxiety, increasing your sense of security, among many others. All of these benefits may not mean much to you if you can’t sleep due to overheating, making this the ideal answer for you.

Now we know you’re probably wondering how this works when you add the weight that comes with a weighted blanket. Wouldn’t that actually make you warmer at night? Not quite. The polystyrene BPA free pellets that are used to give a weighted blanket its additional substance acclimate to the temperature in the room, so if you sleep in a cool room, your blanket will remain cool throughout the night. What makes the biggest difference in temperature for you is the fabric you choose for your blanket. In other words, a weighted blanket made with COOLMAX fabric actually creates a pretty efficient cooling system for your bed.

Where to buy your own cooling weighted blanket

The feedback on these cooling weighted blankets has been extremely positive, with rave reviews from hot sleepers, and we’ve been so pleased to see how many have been helped by it.

We carry customizable weighted blankets for every personal and sleeping preference. Check out our cooling blanket, or for even better sleep try our weighted / padded sleeping masks.