Washable Face Masks Made in the USA

Do you need a washable mask that is handmade in the United States? Our skilled seamstresses are hard at work providing unisex, washable face masks in a wide variety of colors & patterns including black, pink, dark blue, and many more. Check out our wide selection of machine-washable facemasks below! For more information on the efficacy of facemasks, please reference this article from the CDC.

Reusable Face Masks & Face Coverings

Mosaic Weighted Blankets is dedicated to producing the highest quality products, and in lieu of the current crisis, we want to ensure that we provide much-needed washable facemasks to people at risk, first responders, and the elderly. The stretch bands make the facemasks stretch so that they fit faces of all sizes.

How To Wash a Reusable Face Mask

1. Tie the straps together loosely and place into a pillowcase or mesh laundry bag.

2. Wash the cloth facemask on a normal cycle with HOT water with an appropriate measurement of laundry detergent.

3. Dry on MEDIUM or HIGH HEAT.