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White Organic Cotton Weighted Comforter


Our Weighted Comforter is a lovely cream color and made from Organic, 100% Cotton. Big and beautiful! 😉

Our Organic cotton weighted comforter is one of our best selling items, great for anyone who prefers organic cotton fabric. Made of premium off white organic fabric, this product is very soft and beautiful. 

Weighted blankets have been known to utilize deep pressure touch which trigger a relaxing sensation in the nervous system, it’s the same science behind why hugs and massages feel so good, and why babies fall asleep when swaddled... 

Mosaic Weighted Blankets create evenly weighted gentle pressure which drapes over the user and can be used at any time of day of night.

The organic fabric is a popular choice for those who have allergies or who want a dye-free and chemical-free fabric. 

This organic weighted comforter comes in a twin (42 X 72 inches), full size (54 X 75 inches), queen-size (60 X 80 inches) and king size (76 X 80 inches) The King size is great for singles or couples. Weight can be heavier than 10% of body weight on the king size because it’s spread out in the larger blanket. 

Our Weighted Blankets and Sheet Sets are handmade in Austin, Texas with premium material and are designed with multiple features to help you rest better.

Your Weighted Blanket should be 10% of your body weight. Please refer to our guide for choosing a weighted blanket for help.

Our Sheet Sets and Weighted Blankets areMADE IN THE USA.

Our blankets are quilted in squares to create an evenly weighted experience.

Our fabrics and materials are handpicked and inspected for exceptional quality.

We use 100% new, BPA-free, hypo-allergenic, FDA compliant plastic pellets. We never use pellets made from glass or sand.

Our Weighted Blankets and Sheet Sets are machine washable. For more info on caring for your Mosaic products, please see our care page.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. (We know you'll love our blankets!)

We provide telephone support - give us a call!