Minky Weighted Blankets

Minky weighted blankets create a super soft sensory feeling of comfort, they are so soft and comfy. Weighted blankets utilize deep pressure touch which causes a grounded and relaxing sensation in the nervous system, it’s the same science behind why hugs and massages feel so good, and why babies fall asleep when swaddled.. Science shows an incremental rise in serotonin levels and melatonin levels and a reduction in cortisol levels with the sensory input that a minky weighted blanket provides when you're in your bed or on the couch. Serotonin is the happy hormone that makes us fall asleep and get a good night's sleep.

Mosaic Weighted Blankets create evenly weighted gentle pressure which drapes over the user, and can be used at any time of day or night. Our minky weighted blankets come with a removable duvet cover which is machine washable. Our heavy blanket that comes in a minky fabric can help with a variety of ailments such as restless leg syndrome, post-traumatic stress, anxiety, autism spectrum disorder, insomnia, stress, and many more.

Hot sleepers or cool sleepers, our soft, cozy, breathable material is great for any bed and will leave you feeling refreshed after a few nights with better sleep quality.  You won't get the same restful sleep from a DIY weighted blanket or one bought from your local store since most are made and manufactured overseas. With Mosaic, you can rest assured that every line of stitching and stuffing of poly pellets is done here in the United States.

For children, our weighted blankets come in a small size (38” x 50”) a throw size (38” X 60”), and a twin size (42” X 72” - which fits a twin bed) and a full (54 X 75 inches - which fits a full-size bed). For most kids and teens and adults, we recommend 10% of body weight, and you can add 1-2 lbs if you enjoy additional pressure. If you can't find the size you like here, we also make king size & queen size weighted blankets.