December 30, 2021 2 min read

What size blanket should I order?

Customers call us often wanting help picking the right size blanket for their bed. We recommend 10% of your body weight as seen in our posted charts here.  When buying a blanket for your bed, you need to remember that the weight will be spread out through the size of the blanket.  If your blanket is a queen size because you have a queen sized bed, you would not actually be getting the effect of the full weight of your weighted blanket.  

Customers can be concerned about how the comforter would look on the bed and how to match their room. Mosaic Weighted Blanket's founder, Laura LeMond advises "when ordering a weighted blanket, order a regular bedspread for the room that matches the colors and themes to go over your weighted blanket. The weighted blanket needs to be smaller so that the weighted blanket will put pressure on your body which is recommended by the occupational therapy community".

Why do we sell Queen and King sizes?  If you would like a weighted blanket to share with a partner or you need your weighted blanket for asthetics, we do offer some in a larger size.  As mentioned above, take into consideration that the weight is going to be evenly distributed throught the whole blanket.  You would want to buy a higher weight then recomended to insure you get the recommended weight putting pressure on your body.  Depending on your size or whether or not you are sharing with a partner, Mosaic Weighted Blankets recommends getting one of the heaviest weights we offer.  If it is a full or queen size for a child, doubling the recommended weight of that child would be sufficient.  

"Think of it as a therapy tool (weighted blankets are actually used in OT and PT therapy sessions). Do not let your interior decorating desire eclipse what the medical community recommends for the size of the blanket.  The weight of your weighted blanket needs to be on the frame of your body to be effective. ." says Laura.

Mosaic Weighted Blankets have many success stories with children, one included here:

Jane shares in Nov 2016, "I bought this blanket for my 7 year old son who has ADHD. He's always had issues sleeping. This blanket has truly helped him fall asleep and stay sound asleep."

Another parent, Joe, shares: "My kids like their blankets. My 8 yr old really likes the weight when he's sleeping. Thank you for better nights!".

Mosaic carries many fabrics that will be attractive to children so that they will want to sleep with the blanket.

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