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December 30, 2021 3 min read

Do you struggle to fall asleep at night? Or have a hard time staying asleep? Mosaic has fielded questions about sleep for years so we know a thing or two when it comes to getting a good night's rest. See our recommendations below to get the best sleep, which can usually be accomplished by changing a few things in your evening routine.


  • Temperature

    When it comes to great sleep, a key factor is our environment. In order to prepare our room at night, we should be aware of some things that affect where we sleep.  First, we should pay attention to the room temperature. One key thing to know about sleep is that our body’s  naturally lower the core temperature at night. It is smart to go make sure that our room is set at a temperature that is cool. This will allow you to prevent sweating at night and stay comfortable. Along with staying cool at night, keeping warm is another part of regulating your temperature. We recommend using the best weighted blankets you can find for this, people also call them pressure blankets, or heavy blankets. At Mosaic Weighted blankets, that’s why we make them ourselves, here in the United State (all of our products and accessories are USA made in Texas).


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  • Lighting

    Another important part of preparing our environment is by adjusting the lighting in our home. Higher lighting levels have been shown to decrease melatonin which helps us sleep. You can do this by turning off all bright lights, and only leaving on lighting such as lamps or night lights. Research has shown that even small sources of light can affect the way we sleep. We believe that our padded sleep masks are perfect for blocking out any extra light sources at night. These padded are a great way to get higher quality sleep, and stay asleep at night. Lighting, along with weighted blankets, can make for a better night’s sleep. 


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  • Sleeping Location and the Power of Habit

    When we think of our environment, we might think of where we are located. When it comes to having a good nightly routine, it is important that we let our bodies memorize where we are when we are sleeping, creating a regular sleeping habit.  By only laying in bed when it is time to sleep, we are establishing a place of rest. Our bodies love routine’s and this trick will help you fall asleep faster and for longer. While doing so, it is important to be comfortable in the process. Your mattress might have a bigger effect on your sleep than you thought. Try to stay out of bed during the day and reserve that comfortable mattress for when you really need it. 


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    As we know now, a heavy or weighted blanket, the temperature of the room, the lighting and the environment and a solid mattress all offer good foundations for better sleep. 


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