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October 16, 2021 2 min read

Happy Holidays!

Tips for special needs kids to enjoy your holiday:

Build awareness for your child ahead of time! Be an advocate

1) Tell family members that your kid may not enjoy certain textures or foods and the holiday will he happier if relatives and friends don't tell your child what they have to eat something at a party. Live and let live when it comes to fruitcake and other ceremonial foods.

2) TELL family that your child gets anxious, so that they can refrain from criticism and give a special hug to the person that has anxiety. Holidays can be stressful for children as well as adults.

2) Panic and anxiety can get your kids and family going during the holidays.When kids panic, guess what? Raising your voice or getting escalated doesn't help. Use a calm voice and touch your child on the wrist or hand to calm them down - calmly connect to give your child confidence and practice this behavior with them regularly to give them a safe place to go when they are upset. This simple exercise can save you over and over again.

Helpful suggestion for road travel or attending the festivities

Bring a distraction for your child or games that they can play:

Planes, Trains or Automobiles

1) Play the word game - Who am I? - GREAT word game, who ever is going picks a name of someone and with everyone asking one question at a time, the players narrow it down to someone that is a man or woman, someone you know or do not know, are they over or under 30? Are they related to you? ? Keep the rules simple and see the fun people that your kid can come up with, your kids love this interaction with you!

2) Make a list of things to bring before the anxiety begins, pack the things recommended below: small games and kits for play and distraction, look at the #3 for suggestions. Planning early can make a successful trip.

3) If you child panics, be sure to keep the basic anxiety tools in line: focus on your child and try the following things: Let's count our fingers, let's count our toes, let's chew gum, let me braid your hair - or can you braid your hair?, turn on music, bring a coloring book (yes your kid can handle the beautiful new complicated coloring books) or a simple puzzle, or a small car version of BOGGLE or teach your child basic needlepoint, anything that is positive and that can hold their attention until the anxiety passes.

A weighted blanket or lap pad can help kids on a short or long trip, or rest better if out of town. Snuggle up under a weighted blanket and don't let the holidays weigh you you down!

A weighted blanket can make a lovely holiday gift for someone at any age. Blankets are custom made for height and weight, with over 60 patterned and solid fabric selections. Mosaic Weighted Blankets are accepting weighted blanket orders until Dec 15th, for best fabric selections order now for Christmas!