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October 15, 2021 3 min read

Great article on panic and anxiety - a weighted blanket can help.

Many artists, famous or not are anxious and sensitive. Who could seem more relaxed than Emma Stone? But she has anxiety... as many people do.

Shared from Beyond Anxiety and Depression (http://www.beyondanxietyanddepression.com/celebrities-anxiety/how-emma-stone-overcame-her-anxieties-life)

Emma Stone is the face of Revlon, she's in a ton of movies and she graces the covers of most magazines today. Her ambitions to become a successful actress paid off when she landed the life changing role in the movie Super Bad. Soon after this movie filmed, Emma was getting more and more roles in huge movies. The best part was that she was the lead actress in most of these and she shined like a true star!

What you probably don't know about Emma is that she has suffered from anxiety since she was a child. She has opened up about this and is a great role model for any woman dealing with anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety and want someone to look up to, Emma Stone is a great choice.

When Emma's Anxieties Started

When Emma was just 8 years old she started experiencing her first panic attacks. She said she would feel immobilized and afraid for no apparent reason. She constantly felt anxious and didn't want to go out or do any social activities that most kids enjoyed. This crippled her life and caused her to become very introverted as a result. Fortunately, she started therapy soon after this.

Her therapy sessions lasted for several years and was where she learned techniques for facing her anxieties. When she turned 11 years old she enrolled in theater, which is where she found comedy. Emma found her passion in comedy and knew that it was something she could use the ease her panic attacks and anxious thoughts. She said she learned how to roll with the punches when she was being a comedian and enjoyed the laughter it gave her.

Emma's Anxieties Today

Emma understands now how to better control her anxieties, although she knows they will never go away. Now whenever she is feeling a panic attack or anxious feelings, she does a certain activity. For example, sometimes she will do creative work and other times she will bake a cake. She even had attacks when on the set of the movie "Crazy, Stupid, Love", but she was able to control them. While she was on the set of the most recent "Spider-Man" movie she said she was baking all the time because of her panic. She realized that panic was a result of not being in control of her surroundings or what was going on.

Emma is a fantastic example of someone who has been able to really take control of her anxiety, like so many celebrities have learnt to do. Not only is she not afraid to talk about it, she also wasn't too afraid to get help. The few years she spent in therapy taught her a lot about herself and opened her up to a whole new world, which was comedy. Through comedy she has created an amazing career for herself that other people can look up to.

Stone is also a great role model because she is all about honesty and bettering yourself. She learned how to channel her own anxieties to activities that she actually enjoys. This takes a lot of courage and it takes a lot of self-confidence. Though she is always going to deal with the anxious feelings and sometimes panic attacks, she can better control them when she needs to the most. This control allows her to have a flourishing career that will only continue to grow into the future.

Tips for Getting Through your Anxiety

  • Go see a therapist when you want to get help. This will ensure you learn how to deal with your thoughts, fears and nervousness.
  • Keep a strong support system of people around you that you can talk to. Emma is best friends with her mom, who she can talk to about her anxiety.
  • Try channeling your anxiety into activities like Emma does. If you don't want to bake maybe you can try a new sport or even something like knitting! Taking your mind off of these things can make a huge difference with your well-being and just how you feel on a daily basis.
  • Explore the large array of natural anxiety remedies and herbal remedies for anxiety.
  • Realize that change doesn't happen overnight and if you end up having an attack that is okay. You have to learn how to navigate your feelings and your emotions, which can take a while in order to master.

- See more at: http://www.beyondanxietyanddepression.com/celebrities-anxiety/how-emma-stone-overcame-her-anxieties-life#sthash.SF0eWD87.dpuf