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How Adults Can Benefit From Weighted Blankets

December 27, 2021 2 min read

Although many resources focus on weighted blankets for kids, there are weighted blankets for adults, too, and they come in a wide variety of styles -- from simple and sophisticated to bright and whimsical -- to suit you, no matter what your style is. Quality weighted blankets are relatively affordable (generally ranging in price from $60 to $175), but are made of extremely soft yet durable material, meaning you can enjoy them for many years to come.

The Benefits of a Weighted Blanket

Why might an adult want to use a weighted blanket? The benefits of a weighted blanket are numerous, and no two experiences are exactly alike. Many people have found that using weighted blankets for adults with autism helps them to relax, stay focused, block out overwhelming sensory stimuli and reduce overall social unease. Although many autism awareness measures focus on children because autism can be diagnosed by the time a child is about 2 years old, there are more than 3.5 million Americans with autism spectrum disorders, and obviously many of those are adults.

Many people also swear by weighted blankets for adults with anxiety, whether or not that anxiety is attached to other disorders. Other adults like to use weighted blankets to help them stop tossing and turning at night so they get calmer, more restful sleep. And, of course, weighted blankets offer all the warmth and coziness of any high-quality blanket, perfect for snuggling up on the couch in front of the TV or using in bed.

How Weighted Blankets Work

You might be wondering why, exactly, weighted blankets have these positive effects. Research is still ongoing, but there are thought to be several factors at play. In general, humans enjoy being wrapped up or otherwise comfortably enclosed -- that’s why babies are often swaddled, to reproduce the same sense of closeness and security felt in the womb.

Weighted blankets also provide deep pressure touch stimulation, which can be thought of as being similar to a firm hug. This causes the body to produce endorphins and serotonin, chemicals that contribute to a feeling of being happy and calm, meaning a weighted blanket can replace or reduce the need for drug therapy in some cases. Serotonin is also converted into melatonin, which aids sleep. If you’re using the proper weight, you should find that your weighted blanket produces these effects without restricting your movement or causing you to overheat.

All that means that weighted blankets can be a simple, affordable, drug-free way to make your life a bit easier every day.