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October 19, 2021 3 min read

Weighted Blankets – What is a sensory seeker? Where do I want extra weight on a certain part of me?

At Mosaic Weighted Blankets, we get many phone calls and emails from customers about why they are looking for a weighted blanket.

There are two or three stories we hear over and over so we thought we would share them. These stories seem to indicate when, why and how a person would benefit from a weighted blanket.

Some people remember going to Grandma’s house where there was a heavy quilt - one person called it “the iron quilt”. They remember this blanket from their childhood - how it made them feel comforted and helped them to sleep better.

Another story we often hear from customers is that when they got under the heavy Xray vest at the dentist, that despite the fact that they were at the dentist and getting Xrays, and that they had anxiety about this, that they loved the sense of weight on them.

The third story we regularly hear (from parents and kids) is that they pile blankets and pillows on themselves to sleep better. This is also an indication that you, your teen or child would benefit from a weighted blanket.

Many people crave weight on them, without completely understanding why. If a child is piling couch cushions or requesting that his mom or dad hug him tight, that’s another sign that they may benefit from a weighted or sensory blanket. From birth, we are hugged very tight in the womb and infants are wrapped tightly around infants, when they are born. The best way to soothe yourself is to purchase a weighted blanket or weighted lap pad. Many of our customers report better and deeper sleep and relief, having finally having found a way to cocoon and to unwind and relax.

Another question we receive often is, “How much weight do I need on my body?” The answer is 10% of your ideal body weight, or your BMI. We had one customer call last week and she was 5 foot 3 inches and weighed 182 lbs. We shared with her that her BMI or ideal body weight was 115 to 135 lbs and that a 12 to 13 lb blanket was appropriate for her frame. If you get the blanket too heavy, it crushes all of the good feelings that come with a weighted blanket, and so it’s a delicate balance, it’s important to pick the best weight for you, and that is based on the ideal body weight for optimal comfort, in most cases. In regard to children, it’s usually 10% of body weight plus 1-2 lbs, so that the blanket will grow with the child.

See our weighted blanket sizing chart for more info.

Some people report wanting extra weight on different parts of the body, like shoulders, or legs or feet. One woman reported sleeping better because she slept with a lap pad on the stomach. Mosaic Weighted Blankets offers a lap pad in cotton and a Minky wrap that both weigh up to 4 lbs and can be used to create heavier pressure in your “sensory spot”.

Why try a weighted blanket? Because if it does hit you right, it’s a way to soothe your sensory/nervous system for more solid downtime and rest. And everyone deals better with everyday worries and stresses, little and big if you are better rested. Yes, your mom or grandmother was right, you did need that extra sleep!