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How do Mosaic Weighted Wraps and Lap Pads Work?

The benefits of weighted wraps and lap pads can be traced back to the Mother's womb. Before entering the world, an infant is held tight inside the womb where they are shielded from sensory perceptions or outside stimuli. Warm, comfortable memories as children develop in the womb continue into the outside world.

As a result, most people enjoy deep tissue pressure as much as they enjoy a safe warm big hug or the feeling of sleeping under heavy blankets in the winter time. But unlike bulky, heavy blankets, Mosaic Weighted wraps and lap pads are thin enough that they can be used comfortably all year long.

In addition, many people that suffer from anxiety, restless sleep patterns and different types of sensory processing disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorders, Asperger's Syndrome, ADHD, or insomnia also benefit from wrapping them self in a weighted cover or putting a weighted lap pad in their lap while working, during therapy sessions or traveling on long road trips.

Weighted wraps and lap pads are gaining more and more awareness and have been featured in leading newspapers and television programs.