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Our weighted pressure vest helps the child to relax and feel calm. Based on sensory  integration techniques, added weight and pressure provide unconscious information from muscles resulting in a relaxing calming effect on children with SPD (Sensory Integration Disorder), ADD/ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Weighted vests, lap pads and weighted blankets are recommended by the occupational therapy community as a tool that can help with sensory integration at home and at school.

Our weighted vests are hand sewn in




They are weighted with weighted bags that fit snugly into each vest.

Weighted Vests can help promote

  • Self calming
  • Improved motor planning function
  • Enhance proprioceptive feedback

When should we use a weighted vest? 

  • In therapy
  • At school
  • Social events or outings
  • Part of an activity – for instance church or grocery store or recess 

When to start/suggestions

  •  Start slow and introduce as regular clothing
  • Use sometimes and get kiddo used to it – for short periods of time
  • Don’t wait for a crisis to use the vest
  • Its non invasive therapy – you can always take it off
  • Check with your child after he’s used to it for his/her individual feedback