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The Benefits of Weighted Blankets for Chemo Anxiety Patients

Are you or your loved one experiencing anxiety about chemotherapy? The most common side effect of cancer and cancer treatments is fatigue. Anxiety can exacerbate fatigue and fatigue can fuel anxiety in a vicious circle--leaving you exhausted but unable to get proper rest.

Going through chemotherapy also causes mental anguish. Will it work? How can I rest? Mosaic Weighted Blankets are useful in aiding relaxation and security in a portable, drug-free, and comfortable way.

If you’ve never received a massage before, then you might not be aware of the physical and psychological benefits it can provide. Using deep pressure touch stimulation, like a massage, Mosaic Weighted Blankets® set the mind at ease and promotes the release of naturally soothing hormones. Many have enjoyed the sensation of a weighted blanket enveloping their body as if being hugged.

Pressure applied to the body leads to an increase in serotonin production, which makes us feel happier, while later changing into melatonin to induce sleep. Having a weighted blanket around before, during, and after chemotherapy sessions allows you to take a proactive approach in relaxation to reduce anxiety and fight nausea.

Mosaic Weighted Blankets® deliver comfort and rest even after treatment is complete and anxiety is no longer an issue.