Why A Weighted Vest?

September 13, 2015 1 min read

Why A Weighted Vest?

Many children with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) or who are on the spectrum for Autism, or who have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD can benefit from a weighted vest.

Weighted Vests can help promote

  • Self calming
  • Improved motor planning function
  • Enhance proprioceptive feedback

When should we use a weighted vest?

  • In therapy
  • At school
  • Social events or outings
  • Part of an activity – for instance church or grocery store or recess

When to start

  • Start slow and introduce as regular clothing
  • Use sometimes and get kiddo used to it – for short periods of time
  • Don’t wait for a crisis to use the vest
  • Its non invasive therapy – you can always take it off
  • Check with your child after he’s used to it for his/her individual feedback

What are the benefits/downsides to using a weighted vest?

Weighted deep pressure vest helps the child to relax and feel calm. Based on sensory integration techniques, added weight and pressure provide unconscious information from muscles resulting in a relaxing calming effect on children with SPD, ADD/ADHD or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Weighted vests, lap pads and weighted blankets are recommended by the occupational therapy community as a tool that can help with sensory integration at home and at school.

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