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October 26, 2021 2 min read

Why A Weighted Blanket Can Be Helpful in Foster Care and for Foster Children/Kids – a Must Read!

Whether you are a foster family with a child or children, or whether you are with a foster agency or with the state helping families and foster kids, a weighted blanket can a strong tool to help you connect with the foster child.

A weighted blanket is a great way for a kid to feel comforted right away. Weighted blankets raise serotonin levels and lower cortisol levels by wrapping the child up – they can stow away under a weighted blanket and feel protected. Many weighted blankets can be ordered (www.mosaicweightedblankets.com) in different kids prints, like dinosaurs, camouflage, owls, or superheroes (for example) so that the child will think that the blanket is cool and will take to the blanket right away. It can be their protection from the world, so to speak.

A weighted blanket is also a very special gift – it says “You are so special, I gave this to you because you are important to me.” It’s a useful item for therapy and rehabilitation. Most children in foster care have PTSD and have experienced trauma. Many suffer from depression and anxiety. Weighted blankets are so helpful and comforting for any foster child, as they lower anxiety, and raise serotonin levels (great for depression and anxiety and insomnia) especially when a child is acclimating to a new home.

Many foster agencies purchase a weighted blanket for the child and send it to the home to help the child adjust. The facts of foster care are that most children arrive at a new home with nothing or with a few items in a trash bag. They have not only lost their parent or parents, but they have lost friends as well. They wake up in a new house and going to a new school without anyone with them, they are doing it alone. Many kids have lived without food, or with running water or electricity. They hoard food and have strange behaviors (many overeat, thinking the food will run out) or don’t know how to use the potty – it can be a challenging time. So a dose of patience, and anticipating a long adjustment period is optimal for the foster parent.

The best thing about a weighted blanket is that the kid doesn’t have to take a pill to feel better. This is why it’s a great investment for the child or teen that can have immediate results. Emily a foster parent shares: “My little guy loves his weighted blanket and lap pad.”

I got two for him, one for school naps and one for home bedtime. He is so thrilled. Makes transition so much easier. I got one for myself as well to try it out. I slept like a rock! Wonderful. Thanks so much! “

Being a foster parent is such a huge commitment and a weighted blanket on hand can send the right message and can be a huge comfort. Highly recommended. For more information on weighted blankets, please visit our website.