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Summer travel, a weighted lap pad or wrap can help your child

December 17, 2021 2 min read

Traveling this summer?

As a mom, our travel plans typically include a long drive or plane ride to get to our destination. Despite all good intentions, usually kids end up be uncomfortable, tired or bored during the trip and this can cause everyone to be less happy during the trip.

A weighted lap pad or weighted wrap weighs from 3 to 6 lbs and is a great distraction during a long trip.

The sensory input that a weighted lap pad or wrap provides can help your child or teen during travel and can distract them with the feeling of weight on their lap or shoulders. It's a novelty to include on any trip for calmer travel.

Why weighted? Here's why:

Weighted sensory input can be traced back to before birth and sensation in the mother's womb. There was deep pressure during pregnancy, and that is why babies like to be swaddled tightly upon birth.

As a result, most people relax under weight and enjoy deep pressure touch as much as they enjoy a big long hug or the feeling of sleeping under heavy blankets in the winter time. Unlike bulky, heavy blankets, Mosaic Weighted Blankets and lap pads/wraps provide the luxurious feeling of weight, creating a sleepy traveler rather than a cranky traveler.

Our lap pads and wraps come in 100% cotton and are fine cotton material so not to be hot during the summer months. Minky fabrics are plush and are very soft, a nice distraction on a long trip.

Lap pads and wraps come in fun cotton fabrics and sensory minky fabric for a new sensory tool during a long trip. They are much easier to transport than a full weighted blanket and can also be used to provide better sleep during a trip out of town, so your kid or teen can sleep with the lap pad and wrap to ease into night time routines better in a new bed or sleeping environment out of town during the summer.

In addition, if your child has special needs that include ADD/ADHD, Aspergers or Autism, Sensory processing disorder (SPD) sleep issues, anxiety or insomnia this can be helped by placing a weighted lap pad or wrap during travel or road trips.

Enjoy your trip more without the little rifts and drama a long trip can bring by preparing ahead of time with a cotton or minky lap pad or wrap.

For more information, check out our Weighted Neck Wraps and Lap Pads.

Have a nice summer vacation