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February 18, 2022 2 min read

Research has shown that approximately 70% of dogs have anxiety in one way or another. Like dogs, cats, and even other pets can easily develop separation anxiety. For example, if your pet seems to follow you around constantly and doesn’t like you being out of sight, chances are they are dealing with separation anxiety. In addition to separation anxiety, pets experience many more things that cause them to be anxious. To name a few: noise sensitivity, general fear, fear of certain surfaces, impulsivity, lack of attention, aggression, and compulsive behaviors. 

The good news -  now that we have identified many of the common anxiety issues that pets experience, we can learn how to help our beloved animals in the best ways possible. Studies have been conducted to find how we can calm and ease their minds. Weighted blankets have done wonders for humans, but many people don’t know they can have the same effects on their pets, especially dogs. Dogs show their affection and love in different ways than we do. One of these ways is leaning on you, like giving a hug. A weighted blanket can be used to help your dog feel secure and loved. This is great for dogs who suffer from separation anxiety, and ones who get scared during loud storms. 

Many dogs remember the litter of puppies that they grew up in, slept with and were packed tightly together while nursing. Many slept under a pile of other puppies, and a weighted blanket for your pet mimics that wonderful and comfy feeling. It's the same for cats and kittens. 

We have established that  weighted blankets are great for dogs, but what about my other pets? Well, your other animals can benefit from weighted blankets just as dogs can.Be sure that you to not get a weight that is too heavy for your animal. Always keep the size of your pet in mind before purchasing a weighted blanket for them to ensure you are getting the right size. A rule of thumb: Make sure your pet's blanket is no more than 10% of their total body weight. 

Here are our product recommendation that we hope you will consider if your pet deals with any of these anxiety symptoms:


We encourage you to check out our other weighted products for humans too! You will sleep better knowing your pet feels safe, especially when you can’t be at home. Test out a weighted blanket with your dog or cat today.