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March 31, 2023 5 min read

Cooling Weighted Blankets- A blanket that keep you cool during the summer?

If you love the idea of a weighted blanket but are usually a hot sleeper. Love your weighted blanket in the winter, but not so much in the summer time. You’ve probably been concerned about buying a weighted blanket, worried it would be too hot to sleep under. Is it possible to find a cooling weighted blanket? Absolutely, with latest in textile technology, a fabric called COOLMAX. Mosaic Weighted Blanket uses COOLMAX fabric in their weighted blankets.

We get it! The woes of the hot sleeper and their partner they sleep with every night. Ceiling fans, extra air conditioning, finding the right sheets, and mattress, it's a struggle for every hot sleeper to find comfort. No more tossing and turn, Mosaic Weighted Blankets has a workable solution for you sleep issues.

Mosaic Weighted Blankets COOLMAX Cooling Weighted Blanket

What is COOLMAX?

COOLMAX is a patented fabric specifically designed to wick away and quickly dry moisture while sleeping, which in turn keeps you cooler.

Which is exactly why we were inspired to create a new kind of weighted blanket with cooling properties to add to our custom designed products at Mosaic Weighted Blankets.

The Cooling Properties of COOLMAX makes it ideal for weighted blankets as it stays cool to the touch, which is beneficial for those who sleep too hot, but want cool sleep.

We started carrying COOLMAX weighted blankets for those with this common sleeping issue. You’ve probably heard about the benefits of weighted blankets which can help you with better sleep, soothing anxiety and providing a more grounded sense of security. This is where a cooling blanket can help you have better nights for more productivity during your day.

We can't stop you from sleeping too hot, but we can provide a blanket that stays cool on your skin in any weather.

You might wonder, how will this work when you add the weight that comes with a weighted blanket. Wouldn’t that actually make you warmer at night? Not quite.

Leo is a 45 year old man who is a hot sleeper. From the time he was a child in boy scouts, he has always run to the warm side. He dresses casually to wear 100% cotton clothing, and he realizes that he will sweat in any weather, obviously summer, but fall, winter and spring as well.

He learned as a teen how to cope with always being warm. Leo was born prematurely and he has been curious about buying a weighted blanket, but he is afraid of investing in a weighted blanket and then getting hot at night while he is trying to sleep. He also has a cooling pillow, which has helped.

His wife Layla, is very understanding about his hot sleeper habits. Fortunately, they have a large king sized mattress in a generous room, so they sleep on different sides of the bed. Leo uses an overhead ceiling fan and he also uses a fan on his side of the bed.

Layla can use a warm blanket on her side to account for the difference in the room temperature. She also uses a weighted blanket to sleep, and hopes that her husband, who tosses and turns while asleep can benefit from a blanket and she would like to buy him one. She is sympathetic to his situation and supportive of trying new products which can be key for cooperation in a relationship with someone who has trouble sleeping cool.

They also use a covered duvet which is a removeable cover, it's washable for the bed, a memory foam mattress and mattress pads for cool sleep and for Leo, who suffers with night sweats.

What are Mosaic Weighted Blankets Coolmax cooling weighted blanket weighted with?

The polystyrene BPA free pellets that are used to give a weighted blanket heavy acclimates to the temperature in the room, so if you sleep in a cool room, your blanket will remain cool throughout the night. (Some people even feel that the plastic polystyrene pellets feel cold, an added benefit). What makes a big difference is the temp for you is the fabric you choose for your blanket. In other words, a weighted blanket made with COOLMAX fabric can create a pretty efficient cooling system for your bed.

What a warm sleeper usually comes up with to solve this problem includes wanting to fall asleep with the fan on, or a running air conditioner, even in winter. Can you relate? The person who sleeps warm - their core temperature is always makes them feel hot, making it inconvenient for a partner they might be sleeping with who sleeps at a regular body temperature.

Night sweats can also be a symptom of hot sleepers. Women go through this too, we have customers going through menopause who enjoy a cooling weighted blanket. Mosaic Weighted Blanket has helped many customers through the years solve the hot sleep problem, by helping customers order a cooling blanket at 10 percent of your body weight.

Our blankets come in 10 lbs, 12, 15, 18, 20 and 25 pounds depending on the person's size and weight. We have a cooling weighted blanket for kids, teens, adults and seniors. We do not have 30 pounds in a blanket, our company feels that it's too heavy for most couples and sleepers. Many buy a duvet covered blanket from us.

People who sleep hot include children. You know if your child sleeps hot, you can see it in his or her core temperature. Or if you suspect this might be a problem, only purchase 100% cotton bedding for your child's comfort and also be sure to consider a blanket made out of Coolmax for a cooling effect, in that Coolmax has cooling properties. Our products are washable and you lay flat to dry. We have many happy parents who have purchased a cooling weighted blanket for their children.

How to choose the right CoolMax weighted blanket

So, now you are ready to purchase! Take a look at our collection of Coolmax blankets, estimate your height and our throw sized blankets come in a kids, throw size, twin size and full sized blankets. Order 10 percent of your body weight for maximum comfort. For kids, order a weighted blanket in a kids, throw or twin at 10% of the child's body weight plus 1-2 lbs.

All you have to do is to read our reviews to see that people love our products! The feedback on these cooling weighted blankets has been extremely positive, with rave reviews from hot sleepers. In addition, you can see that you are ordering a USA made weighted blanket manufactured in Austin, TX.

We carry customizable weighted blankets for every personal and sleeping preference. Check out our cooling blanket, or for even better sleep try our weighted / padded sleeping masks.

For more information on our products contact us at www.mosaicweightedblankets.com