June 05, 2019 2 min read

We have all seen in the movies and television shows of people using sleep masks at bedtime. If you are like me, you probably thought they were just being a bit “extra” in their lifestyle. However, there is a science behind why sleep masks work and why people should regularly use them.

Here are 4 reasons you should use a weighted sleep mask:

Light is the Enemy

With laptops, iPads, and phones in the bedroom, there is pulsing, electronic light in our rooms signaling to our brains that we need to be up and stay awake. Until 100 years ago, electronic light didn’t exist, people went to bed when the sun went down, our primordial bodies like to sleep in the dark, and our circadian (sleep) cycle do better without light.

When you use a sleep mask at bedtime, everything is pitch black. As it should be! When our brain’s sense that there is total darkness, it releases a natural sleep chemical called melatonin. Once this chemical is released, our bodies start to relax quicker and fall into a deeper sleep so you wake up feeling more rejuvenated and refreshed.


Stay Cool, Calm, and Comfortable

Sleep masks are made for a relaxing and soothing rest. For people who struggle with staying and falling asleep, a sleep mask could benefit from such a tool due to the fact that they help to block out external stimuli so you can “focus” on getting to sleep faster. They can even be used for meditation purposes to increase relaxation and decrease distractions.


Deep Touch Pressure

Using a lightly weighted sleep mask will add even more relaxation to your sleep. When paired with a weighted blanket, you can create Deep Touch Pressure(DTP) making you sleep more deeply as the blanket helps to create a  sense of security. This will increase the feeling of calmness so you can rest peacefully.

Consistency is Key

Sleep masks are a very convenient way to ensure you are getting the most out of your sleep! They can be worn year round - in any season and climate. They can also be used anywhere you go, so tuck one in your suitcase if you are traveling. Travel can take a huge toll on the body and especially one’s sleep cycle. If you tend to travel often, packing a sleep mask (and a weighted blanket for that matter) to use could be beneficial for your overall sleep health. The key is to create the same environment for sleep with a sleep mask (and possibly a weighted blanket) every time you go to bed so that your body knows what to expect. We are creatures of habit and creating a bedtime routine can help you wind down.

If you are searching for a way to get better rest, make sure not only take a look at our sleep masks, but also our weighted blankets. Together these things could revolutionize your sleep architecture.

Own your sleep and get better rest today! For more information on sleep masks and weighted blankets go to our website!

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