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September 22, 2021 3 min read

Movies, TV shows, even commercials all show people sleeping with sleep masks as though it's this glamorous accessory for the haughty character to get their beauty sleep or that over-the-top item the overtly cautious and particular character wears to ensure proper sleep. In fact, it's often used as a joke to further punctuate a funny scene. But the actual funny thing about this portrayal is that there is very real science behind why sleep masks exist in the first place, why they work, and honestly why we all should be regularly sleeping with them.

Now add a bit of calculated weight to them. With a weighted sleep mask, there are even more reasons to use it to help improve your sleep.

In this article, let's explore 4 major reasons why you shouldn't just consider snagging yourself a sleep mask, but specifically a weighted sleep mask.

Light is the Enemy

Until 100 years ago, electronic light didn’t exist. Chew on that for a moment. People went to bed and woke up with the sun. Our primordial bodies still prefer it this way. Sleeping in the dark may sound like a given, but with laptops, iPads, and phones in the bedroom, there is pulsing, electronic light constantly signaling to our brains that we need to be up and stay awake. When our brains sense that there is total darkness, it releases a natural sleep chemical called melatonin. Once this chemical is released, our bodies start to relax quicker and fall into a deeper sleep so you wake up feeling more rejuvenated and refreshed.

Simply put, our sleep cycle does better without light, so if you want to improve your sleep, start looking for ways to achieve that ideal darkness.

Getting rid of the electronics in the bedroom, blackout curtains, ensuring all lights are off, etc are all great ways to start. But with a weighted sleep mask, you don't need to do anything else.

Staying Cool, Calm, and Comfortable Ensure Restful Sleep

Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule, and controlling your sleep environment to ensure it is quiet, relaxing, dark, and that any potential distractions are minimized can work wonders for improving your sleep. Sleep masks are specifically designed to help achieve this sense of comfort and relaxation vital to getting a good night's rest. They block out external stimuli, and can even be used for meditation purposes to increase relaxation and decrease distractions.

Adds Deep Touch Pressure for an even deeper sleep

You've no doubt heard about using a weighted blanket to help you sleep. The same Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) that makes the weighted blanket such an effective relaxation tool is at play with the weighted sleep mask. That means you get the darkness, the stimuli blockout, the comfort, and warmth of a sleep mask, combined with the therapeutic benefits you'd experience with a weighted blanket. Imagine if you try both the blanket and the sleep mask together. Your sense of peace, security, and comfort at night will be covered from every angle. We dare you to try NOT sleeping like a baby under that killer combination!

Consistency is Key

Sleep masks are a very convenient way to ensure you are getting the most out of your sleep! They can be worn year-round, in any season and climate. They can also be used anywhere you go, so tuck one in your suitcase if you are traveling. Travel can take a huge toll on the body and especially one’s sleep cycle. If you tend to travel often, packing a sleep mask (and a weighted blanket for that matter) to use along the way could be beneficial for your overall sleep health. The key is to create the same environment for sleep with a sleep mask every time you go to bed so that your body knows what to expect. We are creatures of habit and creating a bedtime routine is crucial to getting that perfect night's sleep.

Do you have any tips for establishing an ideal bedtime routine? We'd love to hear from you! Share your tips with us through our Contact Form.