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Blanket Care

How to Wash Your Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are designed to be washable just like regular blankets. However, not all are created equally. All of our weighted blankets are 100% machine washable. For the best care option, follow our care label washing instructions below for all of your Mosaic products.

First, we recommend putting your weighted blanket in the washing machine on the gentle cycle setting in cold water. The blankets dry best when they are laid flat after washing. Please do not apply any heat to your blanket, as this will ruin the plastic pellets inside and may cause the cotton to shrink. Cotton can tolerate a majority of cleaning products, but it is better to use a gentle detergent without harsh chemicals. Double check the label as some weighted blankets are actually not cotton, therefore those cleaning instructions will vary.

As for the weight of your blankets, both large and heavier blankets weighing over 12 pounds should be laundered in a commercial washer on the gentle cycle. Since these are heavier and larger sized you can pop them into the dryer on low heat to absorb any excess water and tumble dry for a few minutes to speed up the drying process.

How to Remove Stains From Your Weighted Products

Just like other fabrics in your household, spot treating stains is strongly recommended for your weighted blanket, too. Be weary of using harsh chemicals as most removal products contain whitening agents and bleach which will permanently discolor the stained area. To successfully spot clean, run the stained area under cold water, rub gentle detergent in, let it sit for a few minutes to soak in then with a soft cloth brush and rub it in then wash the area off, again with cold water. This process will slightly vary in how often you have to soak and scrub depending on the type of stain, such as red wine or coffee.

How to Wash your Duvet Cover

Weighted blanket duvet covers are 100% washable as well and are ideally the easiest product to clean. They can be tossed in your washing machine on cold. After washing, fluff in your dryer for 5 minutes on a cool setting or lay them flat or hung up to dry.

How to Wash your Minky Shoulder Wrap and Lap Pad

Minky is made from polyester, it contains long, thin fibers that are extremely soft. It is not recommended to use fabric softeners as they will leave your minky fabric products much less soft and potentially decrease their life span. As for washing, follow the same instructions for the weighted blankets, wash on gentle in cold water and lay flat to air dry. Since the length of our shoulder wrap and lap pad are both 30", these will not take as much time to dry as some of the larger sized blankets.

How to Remove Pet Hair From Your Weighted Blanket

We all love our pets, but their hair can be annoying when it gets all over our blankets and furniture. To remove the most amount of hair, firstly, lint roll your blankets then continue to wash your product in cold water without harsh chemicals. Let your blanket air dry. Once dry use a lint roller again to collect any remaining hair. By not placing it in the dryer, you can preserve the longevity of your entire blanket while airing out any left over hair.

How to Wash Your Weighted Sleep Mask

Just like our beloved weighted blankets, you can either hand wash your sleep masks or wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. Our sleep masks come in organic white and black cotton, gray plush, and coolmax. All four types can be washed the same way.

Machine Washing versus Hand Washing

In case you were curious about machine washing versus hand washing, you can do either. Hand washing will not put your weighted blanket at risk when it comes to wearing and tearing caused by a washing machine. If you decide to hand wash, use a mild detergent and avoid using bleach or other harsh chemicals. As far as what to clean your blanket with, wash your weighted blanket separately or with other similar fabrics. Be weary of washing your products with other laundry items as it can lead to abrasion and can potentially damage or tear the blanket.

Overall, we recommended you wash your weighted blanket products only once or twice a year along with spot cleaning depending on your usage level to preserve the life span. If you specific questions on how to handle our care label recommendations please shoot us an email and we will guide you through the process.