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Mosaic Weighted Blankets to offer weighted vests and sensory toys

November 20, 2021 2 min read

Austin, TX -- On Wednesday, July 1, Mosaic Weighted Blankets announced an all new line-up of weighted product offerings and sensory toys/accessories to its website in response to heightened customer demand.

Laura LeMond, CEO, explains that Mosaic Weighted Blankets will now offer weighted belts, minky snakes, weighted vests and a variety of sensory toys for kids in addition to its current selection of weighted blankets for adults and kids.

"It’s been a great run for us since we started the weighted blankets in 2010," LeMond says. "We have had parents asking us for other products like weighted vests and belts and other sensory toys, so we decided to meet the customer need in those areas. This makes us a one-stop shop for all our customers' needs, which is a huge convenience for them as well."

Weighted products are typically used to help individuals stay calmed and relaxed. That's because these products provide input to the deep pressure touch receptors located throughout the body, which then send a signal to the brain to relax. Weighted products and weighted blankets provide proprioceptive input to the body, calming the wearer with deep pressure and helping them to focus.

"Weighted products are incredibly useful for individuals dealing with conditions like autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, anxiety and more," LeMond says. "Our new weighted belts, for example, should be good for people struggling with panic and anxiety disorders as well as autism."

Mosaic Weighted Blankets' new line of sensory products includes a variety of sensory and chew toys, which can help small children and babies with autism and other sensory issues. LeMond says these toys include squish balls, finger pulls and more, with new products to be added to this category in the future.

“We are still carrying the weighted blanket in many colors and offering for kids, teen, men and women in the same fun and colorful fabrics that we have always had. Our core offerings haven’t changed. We receive orders from kids and adults on the spectrum as well as people who are just having trouble sleeping, or their kids cannot sleep all night – so many parents order a blanket and presto, the kids are sleeping! Everyone gets a better nights rest when kids aren’t up and down all night.”

Ultimately, LeMond says she believes these new product offerings will allow Mosaic Weighted Blankets to provide the best possible shopping experience to its customers, and that these products will be able to benefit people's lives every day.

"We already have a strong business model to provide high quality service, so we have decided to add these other products as well," she says. "For customers, it’s a win-win, because it’s one-stop shopping with the same high quality that they’ve always been able to purchase at Mosaic Weighted Blankets. “

About Mosaic Weighted Blankets
Mosaic Weighted Blankets can help with anxiety, stress and insomnia, working as a non-drug therapy. They can provide treatment for a wide range of disorders, including ADD sensory disorders, restless leg syndrome, and more. The blankets are made with 100% non toxic, commercial grade poly pellets. To learn more, visit www.mosaicweightedblankets.com