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Zebra 100% Cotton Mosaic Weighted Blanket

Zebra 100% Cotton Mosaic Weighted Blanket


Why Choose Mosaic Weighted Blankets?

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Stylish Custom Weighted Blankets

We know you're more than a one-size fits all.Create a custom weighted blanket that matches your unique personality & style.

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Quality and Care

All our weighted blankets are made in the USA with expert craftsmanship and non-toxic materials

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Mosaic Weighted Blankets was founded in 2011. With over 1000+ positive reviews, you know you're ordering from a company you can trust.

Zebra 100% Cotton Weighted Blanket by Mosaic Weighted Blankets

Black and white is always an awesome combination, and it’s put to great effect in our zebra weighted blanket. Our high quality zebra fabric is paired with a rich black fabric on the back, giving this blanket a beautiful, timeless feel. For the fashion savvy. Feel the zebra.

  • • A therapeutic weighted blanket that helps to relieve Anxiety, Insomnia, and Stress, and can also help with medical conditions, such as RLS, Menopause, SPD, ASD, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD.
  • • Each custom weighted blanket we ship is expertly crafted in the USA. Our blankets are meant to be 10% of your ideal body weight. Please refer to our blanket weight & sizing chart below. 
  • • Beautiful, colorful patterns that are comfortable year round. Each weighted blanket we make is created with 100% breathable cotton fabric, so you don't get too hot. 
  • • Our blankets are designed in quilted squares, with evenly distributed weight throughout each square. This helps create a grounded feeling and a sense of security.
  • • We believe in a better environment & better health for our customers. The poly pellets we use to make our blankets are all 100% BPA free and hypo-allergenic. We also add a small amount of polyfil in each quilted pocket, which helps provide support for an evenly weighted solution.
  • • Our weighted blankets are machine washable. Hand wash or machine wash and lay flat to dry. For more info on caring for your blanket, please see our blanket care page.
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