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A Natural Sleep Aid For Older Adults

Featherweight weighted blankets are a lightly weighted blanket designed for the older population and is a great sensory integration tool which can benefit sleep and rest.

The creator of Mosaic Weighted Blankets, Laura LeMond, designed Featherweight blankets to be 3 to 5 lbs. with her 82 year-old mom in mind. They have been successful for the following reasons:

Older people tend to get less deep REM sleep at night, a weighted blanket can help them sleep more soundly and be more alert during the day due to better sleep habits.

They can get cold easily no matter what the outside temperature and featherweight blankets keep them warm because of the polypellet content of the blanket.

Featherweight blankets can simulate a feeling of comfort; they mimic a “hug” with the steady pressure that they produce on the body. The even distribution of weight gives that swaddled unspoken feeling that we like of being cuddled and comforted.

As we age, we tend to produce less melatonin and wake up often at night. Featherweight blankets help with the production of melatonin and serotonin in the brain, allowing the person to sleep more soundly at night.

A featherweight blanket (3-5 lbs.) is quilted using high cotton fabrics and weighted by non-toxic polypellets (think of a bean bag combined with a blanket).

Laura asked her mom to try the Featherweight blanket and it was a hit.

“My mom is usually by a cold air conditioner and she likes the blanket, because it keeps her warm, and she is sleeping better with it on her legs at night. She hauls it all over the house with her, she really loves it. For some reason 5 pm to 7 pm is a hard time for mother, and she uses her blanket then. Older people tend to complain about being cold, and the blanket really helps with that.”