Purchase Orders

Superior Weighted Blankets Since 2011

Please fax Purchase Orders to: 512 597-0774

Purchase Orders

We Accept Purchase Orders

  • Purchase order Requirements:
  1. All purchase orders must be submitted on company letterhead.
  2. Coupons cannot be applied to Purchase Orders.
  3. All purchase orders can be faxed to (512) 597-0774 or emailed to info@mosaicweightedblankets.com.

Purchase Orders Must Include:

  1. "Bill to" address & phone number.
  2. "Ship to" address and phone number (with attention to whom is should be addressed to).
  3. Email address of person responsible for processing & paying invoices.
  4. A purchase order number.
  5. The quantity, product number, and a brief item description.
  6. A purchase order total amount.
  7. An authorized signature.

Please feel free to contact us at 512 514-5529 with any questions. Thanks!