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Phoenix Weighted Blankets for Sensory Integration Therapy Treatment


Mosaic Weighted Blankets eCommerce Center for Phoenix

Looking for a good source of hand-made weighted blankets for Phoenix, Arizona? Mosaic Weighted Blankets eCommerce Center allows customers in Phoenix to shop for weighted blankets, weighted body wraps and weighted lap pads at their convenience and pay online with any valid credit card

Why Should Phoenix Customers Buy a Weighted Blanket?

Mosaic Weighted Blankets are an organic, non-drug treatment for a wide variety of patients that will benefit from the soothing, calming weight of a heavy blanket that applies deep tissue pressure. Applying deep tissue pressure to portions or the entire body helps customers and patients relax.

What is Benefit of Deep Tissue Therapy for Phoenix Customers?

Similar to a deep tissue massage, applying gentle pressure to the body causes the muscles to relax and a small pineal gland in the brain to release a powerful hormone called serotonin. Over time the body converts serotonin to melatonin which enhances the body's ability to transmit important messages between the brain and the body's sensory network. In addition, melatonin is also a well-documented as helping customers enjoy deeper and longer periods of sleep.

What Products Does Mosaic Weighted Blankets Sell in Phoenix?

Mosaic Weighted Blankets sells a number of weighted products, which each serve a specific purpose outlined below:

  • Weighted Lap Pads - Weighted lap pads are usually introduced to students or patients in a school room environment or therapy session. The weighted lap pads are placed in students laps to help calm them and keep them focused on the work or therapy session being presented to them. Most students say the extra weight feels good and request it after the initial introduction. Many parents hear about the lap pad's success at school and buy one to calm things down at home and on long road trips.
  • Weighted Wraps - To mimic the feeling of a warm big hug and with a little more weight than a lap pad, Phoenix customers can purchase a Weighted Wrap, which is short blanket that is wrapped around the shoulders. The extra weight works great in school settings where students need a little more help calming down and work great in a quite school room or office.
  • Weighted Blankets - Weighted blankets are utilized in nap time settings or at night when patients are put to bed.  Children with separation anxiety adapt well to the extra pressure, which gives them the feeling of being hugged even after their parents leave the room.

Our Phoenix customer base says that our weighted blankets allow their children to sleep for longer periods of time and sometimes all night long.  This is a dramatic relief for parents that have not had a good night's sleep since their children were 2 to 3 years old due to insomnia or restless sleep patterns. Many parents say that using the blanket for their children allows them to get a good night's rest for the first time in years.

Are Weighted Blanket Products Just for Children?

No. Weighted blankets not only work well for kids, but also help adults with the same type of concentration issues during the day and sleeping disorders at night. Similar to the relaxing feeling you get at the Dentist office under a heavy x-ray blanket or sleeping under a bunch of heavy blankets, weighted blankets allow almost all of our customers to enjoy the first good night's rest they have had in years.

What Customers in Phoenix Benefit from Weighted Blankets?

Weighted blankets, wraps and lap pads are used by a lot of regular consumers because they offer a cost-effective, non-drug treatment for children that are restless. They do not require a visit to a medical professional to buy one and can try it out at home or on long road trips. For many, it is the first step before seeking treatment from a medical professional.

What Phoenix Facilities Utilize Weighted Blankets?

Mosaic Weighted Blankets are becoming very popular in the education and healthcare industries and are used at many popular daycare centers, schools, hospitals, sleep disorder clinics, sleep research facilities, hospice cancer centers, long-term care facilities, retirement homes, special education centers, crime victim centers, accident victim recovery centers and soldier family care clinics. Any Phoenix facility that has children, students, customers or patients that would benefit from the soothing, calming, relaxing qualities of weighted blankets, wraps or lap pads should contact us for a trial at (512) 868-0207 or send us an email.

What Phoenix Professionals Work with Weighted Blankets?

There many types of therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, pediatricians, and even dentists that are now working with weighted blankets during therapy sessions for a variety of reasons.  Weighted blankets, wraps and lap pads have the most impact in settings where occupational therapists or pediatric therapists are working with patients during Sensory Processing Integration therapy sessions. 

What Types of Phoenix Patients Benefit from Weighted Blankets?

Weighted Blankets are the most useful at treating Phoenix patients with Sensory Processing Disorders. According to the Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics, “the difficulty tolerating or processing sensory information is a characteristic that may be seen in many developmental behavioral disorders, including autism spectrum disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, developmental coordination disorders, and childhood anxiety disorders.

Many children with sensory processing disorders have been noted to wear very tight clothing and like to wrap them self up tightly in blankets like a “burrito” or “taco” to rest or sleep.  Mosaic Weighted Blankets, wraps and lap pads offer therapists and pediatricians a way to satisfy their sensory processing disorder patient’s intuitive need to apply deep pressure to their bodies in order to relax or sleep.

Ready to Experience the Comfort of a Phoenix Weighted Blanket?

If you are restless during the day, have trouble sitting still or want to fall asleep faster and get a better night's rest, please try one of our weighted products. Please shop through Phoenix' Complete Shopping Guide to Weighted Blankets, Body Wraps and Lap Pads right now to see the exciting weighted products we have to offer!


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