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Lap Pad Weighted Blanket for Autism & ADHD
Lap Pad Weighted Blanket for Autism & ADHD


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Grab Bag Lap Pads

Lap Pad Weighted Blanket for ADHD & Autism

14" x 22"

We custom sew our blankets to the customer's height and weight. Weighted blankets for Autism and ADHD use pressure therapy to relieve stress and anxiety.

Adults, teens, and children can benefit from weighted blanket therapy. Weighted Blankets are a safe and effective non-drug therapy for anyone seeking a solution for loss of sleep and relaxation.

We use toxic free polypellets and high cotton comfortable fabric, polyfil to construct our blankets. For more info, visit

  • In stock blankets can ship within 3-5 days depending on availability of ready made stock, but may take up to 2 weeks to ship. 
  • Our current manufacturing time is listed at the top of our homepage
  • Shipping costs are added to purchase at checkout
  • Please refer to our weight chart to get the correct weight, or you can go by the recommendation of your healthcare professional or therapist 
  • ADHD Blanket and Autism Blanket
  • Blankets are made from 100% cotton fabric.
  • For weight, we use Hypo-allergenic, Non-toxic plastic pellets. Polyfil pillow stuffing is added for fluff and cushion.
  • Blankets are sewn with great care and safety in mind and are machine washable.
  • Heavy-duty thread is used for stitching in the construction for added durability.
  • Do not use for ages 3 and under.  Always use with adult supervision.
    • We use UPS on all orders
    • Shipping costs are added to your purchase at checkout.
    • Order your blanket by the size and weight recommended by your Healthcare Professional or Therapist.


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