Down Syndrome

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The Benefits of Weighted Blankets for Down Syndrome Patients

Down syndrome is caused by a genetic defect that occurs during fetal development. Individuals with Down syndrome have cognitive and growth impairments that can be improved through medical treatments, physical therapy, and behavioral therapy.

While symptoms and severity can vary from person to person, those with Down syndrome are at risk for behavioral disorders, such as oppositional defiant disorder, autism, ADHD, and depression.

Learning to socialize and be independent can be emotionally and physically draining even with the encouragement of parents and counselors. Mosaic Weighted Blankets® are helpful when anxiety and depression arise.

Utilizing deep pressure touch stimulation, also known as DPTS, weighted blankets provide comfort when the challenges of daily life cause anxiety and stress. Learning to communicate with others and be independent can take a toll on those with additional issues like Down syndrome.

Taking a break with a Mosaic Weighted Blanket® relaxes mind and body when it’s most needed. Pressure applied to the body has been shown to increase serotonin levels, diminishing aches while boosting a person’s mood.

Once our bodies process serotonin, it converts it to melatonin, which naturally induces sleep. Giving yourself or a loved one a tailor-made Mosaic Weighted Blanket® is a worthwhile improvement to their quality of life.

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