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Do you have someone in your circle of life who can sew?  We sell sensory weighted blanket kits, for those who want to sew it themselves.

DIY kits  can be made for children, teens and adults, the sizes are listed below

Each packet contains:

2 sides of a solid per cut fabric (you are welcome to pair it with a patterned fabric from your local fabric store)

Pre measured poly pellets (feel free to use more or less weight/poly pellets for the person you are making it for we recommend 5 to 10% of body weight.

Simple instructions on how to make a weighted blanket using a sewing machine

SMALL 38 inches x 42 inches        $49.95   6 lbs of pellets   

MEDIUM 38 inches x 50 inches   $69.96  - 10 lbs of poly pellets

LARGE 38 inches x 60 inches        $79.95 – 12 lbs of pellets

X LARGE 42 inches x 72 inches    $99.95 – 18 lbs of pellets