Comfort Covers Minky Sheet Blanket

Cuddling up to a soft Minky blanket is great!  Until it gets too hot and you have to throw it off you.  Why does it get so hot?  Minky fabric is not breathable.  Your body heat has nowhere to go and gets trapped, often causing you to sweat.  Our patent-pending Minky sheet allows you the luxury of cuddling up to our luxurious Minky without the heat or sweat!  You can even layer it under a duvet, weighted blanket or any other breathable blanket you have, just like you would use a top sheet.  Or, use it by itself to have a cool night's sleep or to cuddle on the couch with.  Our 100% cotton moisture-wicking sateen sheet makes it all possible!  With our Minky header, you can cuddle and feel the Minky where you need it most, your upper body.  With our incredibly soft 100% cotton moisture-wicking sateen sheet as the body, you can stay cool and comfortable for as long as you need without throwing it off yourself because it is too hot.  For kids and adults, our sheet can make your bed a place you look forward to being and when you get there, can calm you down to get a great nights sleep.  Sensory is important when you get in bed.  The Comfort Covers Minky Sheet is a solution to meet your sensory needs.