Minky Weighted Lap Pad

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What Are Minky Weighted Lap Pads?

Minky lap pads are outstanding, and if you enjoy our weighted cotton lap pads, you’ll love them! We make our weighted pads out of our popular Minky fabric, creating a soft stress-reducing lap pad! They sit on your lap, applying deep pressure to help you feel calm. If you’re looking for a lap pad weighted for you, then we have you covered.

How Do Minky Weighted Lap Pads Work?

The weight provides Deep Touch Pressure Therapy or DTP. Deep touch pressure therapy helps us feel safe and relaxed. You feel a deep pressure of stimulation and makes you feel calm. They are a significant addition to any sensory tools you might use already.

Why Do I Need A Minky Weighted Lap Pad?

Life is tough, and our nervous systems can only handle so much. Providing a soothing weight can help you relax. Lap pads are popular with our line of sensory products. They are the perfect size for road trips, sports events, or anywhere! You will love feeling comfortable with your lap blanket in an instant.

The texture of the Minky lap pad is designed to provide a calming effect. Our lap pads come with all the other benefits of our weighted products. Weighted sensory lap pads are easy to store and small enough to take with you when you need it.

What Size Are Minky Weighted Lap Pads?

A minky lap pad comes in a large size measuring 18"x30" (45cm x 76cm). An impressive addition for any home, workplace, or vehicle.

How Much Do Minky Weighted Lap Pads Weigh?

Our minky sensory weighted lap pads weigh 5 lbs, with outstanding colors to choose from! They are perfect for kids and adults. The soft texture of the Minky dot fabric adds another layer of comfort! They are great to pair with any of our weighted accessories.

Are Minky Weighted Lap Pads Hard To Clean?

No, blanket care is easy! All our blankets are machine washable! Wash in cold water and tumbled dry but make sure to dry on low cool setting. We fill all our blankets and accessories with plastic pellets and instead of glass beads. Glass beads in weighted pads contain lead. We try to stay away from glass beads to keep our customers safe.

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