Weighted Blanket For Anxiety

Weight Guide

What is a Weighted Blanket for Anxiety and can it help adults and children with anxiety disorders? Many studies have shown that the sensation of weight can have a calming and comforting effect, providing a grounding sensation to help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and bring good night's sleep to people suffering from anxiety disorders. Serotonin and cortisol levels in the brain can be depleted for a variety of reasons, which can cause anxiety and insomnia; using a heavy blanket or weighted blanket for anxiety can help you fall asleep, promote better mental health, and relieve stress due to lack of sleep.

Studies have also shown that melatonin levels and serotonin levels have increased with the usage of weighted blankets for adults and children. Throw away that sleep medicine because, with your weighted blanket, you will experience an easy & calm night's sleep.

You can choose a weighted blanket for anxiety in any fabric that you like, we also have several best selling patterns listed below.


  1. therapeutic weighted blanket made with premium material that will help you sleep better, lessen your anxiety, and give you a grounding experience.
  2. Your blanket should be 10% of your body weight. Please refer to our choosing a weighted blanket guide for help.
  3. Our weighted blankets are MADE IN THE USA.


  1. Blankets are quilted in small squares to create an evenly weighted experience.
  2. The quilted pattern evenly distributes the weight so that the pellets do not slide from one side of the blanket to the other.
  3. We use 100% new, BPA-free, hypo-allergenic, FDA compliant plastic pellets.

Use & Care

  1. Our weighted blankets are machine washable and durable. For more info on caring for your blanket, please see our blanket care page.
  2. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. (We know you'll love our blankets!)
  3. We provide telephone support - give us a call!