Why Your Child Should Have a Weighted Lap Pad or Weighed Vest in the Classroom this Fall

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Why Your Child Should Have a  Weighted Lap Pad or Weighed Vest in the Classroom this Fall

Why Your Child Should Have a Weighted Lap Pad or Weighed Vest in the Classroom this Fall

Posted by Laura LeMond on 26th Sep 2017

Why Your Child Should have a Lap Pad or Weighted Vest at School this Fall

Set your child up for success by having a weighted blanket to improve focus and help him or her calm down in the classroom environment.

Please find this study that shows that DTP (Deep Touch Pressure) in the classroom can help improve student performance. Many children with ADHD (as quoted in study) that children improved in seat behavior and attention and task completion while wearing a weighted vest https://ajot.aota.org/article.aspx?articleID=2247281.

It’s been shown also that fine motor activities like writing have been improved when approached with a weighted tool like a lap pad or weighted vest, using DTP (Deep Touch Pressure) input for children with sensory issues and/or autism spectrum disorders.

Sitting in Class

All kids have a time sitting still in class for a long period of time. Whatever the event – a lesson or assembly or movie or a car/bus ride it can be a challenge to sit down and stay there. For these situation for younger children, a weighted lap pad or vest would be a great option for calming the nervous system and the sensory input of the fabric allows the child to have a distraction and play with the beads inside the lap pad or vest.

Weighted vests and weighted lap pads are portable, so you can bring it wherever you go, in the car, church, bus, class – it’s a doable option for most kids.

Being sure your kids get that “outside time” is important too, but for most kids in school, they will be encouraged to sit and focus at different times in school.

Anxiety and Meltdowns

If you could send your child to school with a tool that could help them self soothe in school when you aren’t there, wouldn’t you do it? A lap pad or weighted vest is a great remedy- especially for little ones. Overall we know that weighted blankets are great (highly recommended for the home). Some children fidget and some have meltdowns and sensory disorders but many times an interesting tactile article like a lap pad or vest can change all of that.

For the classroom – Attention Teachers

For a smoother day and for better transition times – get a couple of lap pads for the classroom. It can take away from the stress of your day when things run on time and you get everything accomplished. It’s a small investment for your classroom that can have a big payoff!

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