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Weighted Blanket size for Children and Adults - How Big Should My Blanket Be?

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What size blanket should I order for my child?

Carly called us recently she wanted a blanket for her 6 year old daughter Olivia who sleeps in a full sized bed. Carly wanted a full sized weighted blanket at the 10% recommended plus 1-2 lbs of weight for Olivia. Six year old Olivia weighs 40 lbs so that would be a 6 lb blanket. It would be spread out to 54 inches X 74 inches per the mom's request, for a full sized bed.

Carly was concerned about how the comforter would look on the bed and match the room. Mosaic Weighted Blanket's founder, Laura talked with Carly about the size of the weighed blanket and how the weight would work on 40 lb Olivia. "Basically, the bed will look nice, but the weight will not be on Olivia and she would have to fold it over many times to get the benefit of the weight on her body, defeating the purpose of a weighted blanket." Laura told Carly in their phone conversation.

When ordering a weighted blanket, Laura advises parents to order a regular bedspread for the child's room and match colors and themes without requiring that the weighted blanket be cut to fit the bed. The weighted blanket needs to be a smaller blanket on the bed that is cut at a smaller size (Mosaic Weighted Blankets offers children's sizes at 42 inches, 50 inches or 60 inches long and 38 inches wide) so that with the 10% of body weight plus the 1-2 lbs (recommended by the occupational therapy community) so that the weighted blanket will put pressure on the child's body. The age and weight of the child will determine the Mosaic Weighted Blanket's length in one of the above sizes.

"Think of it as a therapy tool (weighted blankets are actually used in OT and PT therapy sessions) and that the receipe for success is getting the weight placed on the child or adult." says Laura.

Mosaic Weighted Blankets have many success stories with children, one included here:

Jane shares in Nov 2016, "I bought this blanket for my 7 year old son who has ADHD. He's always had issues sleeping. This blanket has truly helped him fall asleep and stay sound asleep."

Another parent, Joe, shares: "My kids like their blankets. My 8 yr old really likes the weight when he's sleeping. Thank you for better nights!".

Mosaic carries many fabrics that will be attractive to children so that they will want to sleep with the blanket, including Hello Kitty, Star Wars, Minions, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Dr Who.

What about adults? "The factor is the same, in that you want to worry less about how the weighted blanket looks in the room in regards to the size of the blanket - you really want to order an adult sized weighted blanket where the weight in on the person, for better, longer and deeper sleep and downtime. We offer over 65 fabrics in patterns and solid colors to get a matching color for your room."

In short? Do not let your interior decorating desire eclipse what the medical community recommends for the size of the blanket so that it can help you sleep and use the weight as it is intended to be, to get the most weight on the frame of your body. "The blanket will look great on the bed, but the weighted blanket will not help the bed, it needs to be concentrated in the right size to lay on the person to receive the full benefit of the blanket." says Laura, founder of Mosaic Weighted Blankets.

For more information on weighted blankets go to www.mosaicweightedblankets.com

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